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The transiting moon will be in Leo, ensuring you will find something sensational. You might spend more than you had planned, but what a great outfit it will be! As you move closer to the end of the month, you will think about organizing your finances. While you are likely to have higher than usual expenses in October and you will be able to see them coming , you also will be more motivated to find new sources of income.

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This full moon will light your second house of earned income—the money that is considered yours and yours alone—and that usually, but not always, comes to you through salary. At the time of this new moon, September 28, you will have four heavenly bodies in Libra: the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mercury, with Mars poised to enter this house on October 3. That is a lot of energy in one part of the chart. Before Mars moves, he will be close enough to receive a powerful vibration from Pluto, a financial planet, from your fifth house of artistic expression.

Even if you are not working in a creative field, a new moon in your second house is the very best place to ask for a raise—this only happens once a year but opens a portal of ten days in which to act.

The closer you act to September 28, the stronger the new moon will be for you. With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. Leo Monthly Horoscope. With the sun in Virgo, you will experience a hike i. Leo Monthly Love Horoscope. This month may not be a great month for you as far as love is concerned. Your month runs hot and col. Leo Monthly Career Horoscope.

Some of you find new opportunities; even if they are not exactly in your line of interest, do give i. Leo Monthly Finance Horoscope. You will not feel any confusion regarding your investments in the share market as the month starts. Leo Monthly Health Horoscope. You will enjoy great mental peace this month.

Positive thoughts will help you find a balance in life. Virgo Monthly Horoscope. This is a favourable period for Virgo natives, you begin to focus on yourself, your career, dreams,. Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope. Love is in the air and you come across someone who impresses you with his charm. An excellent month. Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope. Make the most of opportunities that come knocking at your door this month. Also, you need to make qu. Virgo Monthly Finance Horoscope.

This month will bring major profits for those of you who are in the tours and travel business. You m. Virgo Monthly Health Horoscope. This month will be excellent for some of you elderly people as you see some improvement in the heart. Libra Monthly Horoscope. You begin this month with a degree of mental tension, which is completely natural for an air sign su. Libra Monthly Love Horoscope. Your romantic relationship will require you to be strong.


The problems are not as bad as they seem a. Libra Monthly Career Horoscope. Your success depends on the cooperation that you receive from your colleagues. Working in close harm.

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Libra Monthly Finance Horoscope. This will be a promising time as far as finance is concerned. Successful recovering of pending dues. Libra Monthly Health Horoscope.

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You will be attracted towards a healthier lifestyle this month. You modify your eating habits and ge. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Your self-confidence is shining through this month. You feel sure in your skin and grounded in your. Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope. Give proper. Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope. Your efforts towards pending jobs seem to pay off remarkably well during this period. In fact, an en. Scorpio Monthly Finance Horoscope.

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Sudden speculative gains are foreseen and you will spend lavishly on your friends. Businessmen will. Scorpio Monthly Health Horoscope. Your strong immunity will shield you from air borne diseases and keep you in good health all through. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope.

With the sun in Virgo, you need to find an outlet for physical, mental and emotional pressure and te. Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope. This month will be excellent for your love life as you get the good news you were impatiently waitin. Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope. A glorious fresh start in a brand new career cycle begins. Venus is now urging you to put more effort into a close relationship and your emotional fortunes are looking up at last.

This gives you the chance to rethink your plans and proposals in the broadest sense, no matter whether they are strictly personal or purely professional.

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Mars maintains your steady, worthwhile progress at work. In many respects life has been a bit gruelling over recent weeks, mainly because the planets have been in unhelpful positions. Now that Mercury, your planetary ruler, is changing signs, your fortunes will improve. Plus, your stars are about to assume a more prosperous dimension — if you can wait until next month!

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Try and find a middle way! The only problem may be friends who seem determined to misunderstand and misconstrue your every word. You have much to boast about, but you must remember the virtues of humility!

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  8. The effects of recent lunar alignments are still too strong for you to abandon important commitments or break arrangements.