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Cancer zodiac sign meaning - What does the Cancer sign mean?

Its gentle but relentless force shapes our familial and domestic arrangements. Lunar inspiration affects intuition, instinctual reactions; and the ebb and flow of our feelings. Moon energy rules the changing tides of the sea. But she also governs the twists and turns of our behaviour patterns. Cancer, represented by The Crab, is the fourth Zodiac sign. The personality of this Crustacean is difficult to describe.

Defensive at apparently illogical times, Cancer is still one of the most loving, open Zodiac signs. Cancer is a receptive and highly sensitive sign, capable of huge empathy. The Crab cuts to the chase. Giving oodles of love, care and reassurance when required. It is very easy to get on the wrong side of Cancer. Even casual, cutting remarks can have a devastating effect on the sensitised Crab.

Be warned! Cancer is very black and white when someone wrongs them.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

There is no negotiation, and no reprieve - you are history. When off balance, Cancer can be its own worst enemy.

A born worrier, The Crab can get quite worked up about silly details and arrangements. This sign is not great at going with the flow. Worries can become quite irrational, and self-defeating.

Born Under the Cancer Sign? This Is Why You're so Intuitive

Cancerians need to be nurtured, loved and treasured in order to flourish. Only when they feel secure do they reach peak form. Shake their foundation and surety? Cancer will beat a hasty retreat, ignoring you thereafter! The contents of the Cancer brain are vivid, lively, and entertaining. Prepare to be greatly amused. The Crab possesses a wicked sense of humour. Plus an uncanny ability to see through pretence and deception.

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There is a touch of genius about Cancer. Though some depictions of Cancer feature a lobster , the sign is most often represented by the crab , based on the Karkinos. Those who are born from approximately June 22 to July 22 are born under Cancer. In Dante 's Paradiso , he makes reference to Cancer, writing:. Thereafterward a light among them brightened, So that, if Cancer one such crystal had, Winter would have a month of one sole day. Cancer is figured in Giovanni Maria Falconetto 's painting, Cancer , as the guardian of the city of Verona.

In the 14th c. Arabic manuscript, Book of Wonders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Cancer disambiguation.

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See also: History of astrology. Cultural and historical depictions of Cancer. Allen, Richard Hinckley Star-names and Their Meanings.

21 Personality Secrets of Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

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