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He needs to feel her gentle touch and sense her warm temperament to be able to let go of the things that make him self conscious.

5. MYTH: Libras don't like to stand out.

She gives him the love and respect he craves for and introduces him to new prospects of life bringing joy and spark to his life. She gives him the freedom he loves and supports him in all areas of life. She makes him understand the importance of interaction and makes him more social than he ever before was. She is just like a cool breeze in his life with all new fragrance to light up his personality.

But Libra woman can be sometimes bossy or masculine in her attitude that is not appreciated by her Capricorn man. But to pay this honor to her in return of what she gives is always a good deal for him. The initial attraction that Libra woman has for Capricorn man is not normally a good one.

It is full of negativity in that she sees him as stubborn, dull, a lot like others see him: depressing, opinionated, cold and disheartening. She looks deeper into him and sees just what this man is made of. His good virtues could outweigh the first impressions and results in a wonderful lover and husband. Libra woman soon realizes he is not a selfish man, nor is he impulsive or impetuous.

Deep down he does have a very good sense of humor. He is very protective and loving towards her, who may be the first person to actually understand him. He gives his woman everything she misses in her personality making her feel complete. She teaches him to be a bit more easygoing and he teaches his lady to be more dependable and strong.

Together they make a wonderful bond of understanding with the colors of both love and friendship sparkling elegantly with a harmonious tune to make them feel closer. As they walk through the woods, enjoying their elements of Air and Earth on summer days their spirits talk and their minds become peaceful with the trust in their heart of everlasting togetherness.

The relationship of Libra woman and Capricorn man has a few problems to be taken in consideration. He may seem to be cold to her as his emptiness looms on his expressions though he longs for her to fill that void with her affections. He may not even realize himself just how much he needs his Libra woman. His initial attraction to her enthusiasms — later tends to irritate him — and her initial love of his stability — later grows stagnant to her. Moreover, the domineering nature of Capricorn man and light nature of Libra woman can create tough times for them. The relationship between them is the one that can go either way.

But with some compromise, especially on the part of the Libra woman since she is more flexible, the bond between them can be strengthened. She has to blend her personality with his to find the peace and harmony needed to love longer and stronger. When a Libra Mars is really crushing on someone, they have a secret system to make sure that person falls for them.

Then they become all of those things for that person. They will make it obvious that they have the same hobbies, and if not, they will try to get into it to impress their crush. They will be super touchy if their crush craves affection. And if you send them a cute text they will be sure to reciprocate the gesture with twice the romance and sweetness. Their dream is to have a meant-for-each-other fairytale romance. Yes, Luther makes bad decisions. Best Traits Of Libra : 1. Librans are balanced and fair-minded 2.

Forgive but never forgets 3. Libra often put too much stress on themselves while trying to make everyone happy 4. Libras believe in long-term and sensible relationship 5. They will lose an argument rather than losing a friendship 7. Librans and calculated folks always think a few steps of their competitors 8. They are the best listeners and can give some great advice 9.

Librans are highly charming and a bit of flirt Librans are the social soul who seeks interesting conversations. As a libra I just have one thing to say to astrology people on tumblr: Stop relating my sign to pastels and flower fields. Give me some neon colors and badass looking forests! Donald Trump would be very impressed with the walls ive put up! Libra likes to play the role of the Peacemaker, making sure that everyone is happy and in harmony.

But the constant pursuit of peace can pose a few problems for the Scales. The people pleasing impulse can cause some to view Libra as a pushover, or worse - a hypocrite. Libra wants to play the good guy and keep the peace, usually at their own cerebral expense.

But playing with a little firmness, and not charming the pants off everyone can work beautifully for the Scales, and prevent much mental burnout. Borrowing from Aries independence and self-assertion can give Libra the very thing they are looking for: inner peace.

This sign tends towards overindulgence in sugar or other pleasurable things and lacks an outlet for physical energy, so problems can occur through excess of food, drink, and sex. Librans can have addictive tendencies, suggesting problems with alcohol, whilst their natural liking for sweetness combined with a vulnerable kidney offers a warning for diabetes. Illnesses placed under the rulership of Libra include kidney stones, lumbago, venereal disease, and ulcers in the kidneys or bladder. Externally this includes places where the air is clear and sharp, such as mountains and hillsides.

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It also rules windmills and places that deal with the processing of wind power. Traditionally it is said to rule places where hunting and hawking is used - in our modern world we can extend this to air force bases, airports, and high communication towers. It is also given rulership over sandy and gravely ground, saw-pits, places where wood is cut or stored, and to barns or out-houses that lie away from other dwellings.

Inside buildings, Libra indicates places near windows or off the floor towards the ceiling, ventilation ducts, the upper rooms in houses, garrets, chambers and rooms that lie inside others, such as walk-in wardrobes. Greys, pastels, and subtle tones. This ridiculous! How am I supposed to procrastinate- ahem, I mean, think things through! Wich I think is cool anyway hahah. Log in Sign up. And we love them for it. Let's Talk Facts. I seek balance, inwardly. Outwardly, relationships. I am a mediator. I love people. Fact: I hate being alone.

Fact: I talk. Libra Libra Facts astrology blog omg I love astrology too much. Mars in Libra Libra is a movable air sign governed by Venus. Amber Rose is a libra. Libra can say more in a sigh than anyone else can say in a whole sermon. It's easy for a Libra to fall in love and almost impossible for them to fall out of it.

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Author unknown. Libras are exceptional at seeing all sides of a problem and finding a solution to benefit both sides. Libra Horoscope Sign Facts Libra facts. Libra Ascendant. Libra Rising libra libra face libra facts libra ascendant rising sign rising sun ascendant sign Air signs cardinal sign. Libra hates to argue by yelling. Try to be quiet, mature and calm about it please.

Libra will always put your problems and needs before theirs. Once they start a romantic relationship, maintaining peace and harmony become the most important thing and their primary goal. Their charming personality and their dedication to each relationship makes their compatibility with others satisfying, but that fallen Sun they have to heal often creates trouble in their emotional world. Libra is the sign of marriage, making its representatives open for traditional pathways of love.

Even though the element of Air gives them a lot of flexibility, they will still feel the strong pull towards tradition and their desires will eventually turn to love put on paper, well-organized and serving a purpose to create a certain image for the outer world. In a way, each Libra is in search of a partner who has the ability to set clear boundaries, as if expecting to be protected by them but without their pride being endangered in the process.

Libra Traits

This is a sign deeply connected to sexuality for Scorpio rises where it ends. It is the gravity of Libra to share their entire life with someone, with a challenge to be independent and aware of their core personality at the same time. When a Libra has made up their mind on being with someone, they have already chosen well, but it will help to know what stands in their way of achieving happiness or pushes them forwards matching sings in widgets below:.

Friends — Libra representatives are highly social and put their friends in the limelight, but sometimes raise their expectation bars too high, and choose friendships that make them feel superior to the person standing in front of them. Their nature makes them indecisive which is why they might show a lack of.

Tactful and calm, they can communicate through any problem if they want to, and will often help others understand the other side of their personal conflicts and trouble with other people.

Negative and Positive Libra Characteristics

Family — Born into a family that gave them a certain weakness of the Sun, Libra can often transfer guilt between family members without even being aware of doing so. In constant search for harmony these individuals have a tendency to agree with their parents and siblings only to avoid conflict, being the one to pull back when a challenge comes their way. They need to nurture their personality and often turn to solitude only to discover their own point of view among many.

If they are well built and worked on their inner sense of power, they discover ease in being a good parent and role model, ready to share everything they know with their children. For each Libra, the key to a happy life is in a fine balance, meaning they will not commit to work without setting apart enough time for their private life and their loved ones, and if they do, they will feel like they need to set free from it. They can be loved leaders even though they sometimes lack the initiative needed to organize people who work for them, and will work hard to deserve privileges that come their way.

The Libra Dark Side

In search for truth and justice, they are good lawyers and judges, and can also be successful as diplomats, designers and composers if they have nurtured their artistic side from childhood. They will work well in a group, and can be convincing and gifted speakers. They balance between saving and spending pretty well and even though they enjoy fashion and fine clothes, they rarely let their desires for spending get the best of them. Libra men appreciate all that is beautiful and search for a partner to inspire them with their appearance. This might sound superficial, but the fact is they need mental and visual stimuli to make decision processes easier and push them into a serious relationship to begin with.

Once they have decided to be with someone, they usually make serious, long-term bonds, enduring with ease through the hard times knowing they have already made the perfect choice to begin with. A Libra man wants to discuss everything with his partner, from daily matters to big shared endeavors in life. This is a man in search for a partner with strength of will and confidence, someone to guide the way when he feels lost or insecure. Once he finds the right person, he will do anything to make them happy, turning their attention solely to their partner and often forgetting himself in the process.

This man is deeply romantic in his core and in search for true love to last him a lifetime. To seduce a Libra woman one has to be a good conversationalist and listener. She is charming, intelligent, and finds solutions to problems that arise along the way with certain ease. Her partner needs to keep her interested and on her toes at first, making her question her own initiative and choices, while also straightforward and surprising enough. Once she falls in love and shares a home with a partner, she will take care of them, make them look good, and keep their social life organized and well-adjusted to social norms they live in.

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