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If 5th lord is in conjunction with benefic planets, Mercury is exalted, Mercury placed in fifth house or the navamsa lord of 5th lord is well aspected by a benefic planet in Kendra. If any of the above be the case, the native would be intelligent. When Mercury is in its own house or in a Kendra from the ascendant or remains in a trine the native gets flourished with high education, vehicles and property. If Jupiter is well aspected by Venus and Mercury in the ninth house the native is complete erudite.

If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the ninth house the native is renowned scholar. The combination of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the ninth house equips the native with complete erudition and eloquence of speech. The native is very intelligent if 5th lord is hemmed between benefic planets or if the lord of the sign where 5th lord is placed gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet.

The intellect of native is very sharp when 5th house is in between two benefic planets, Jupiter is in 5th and Mercury is unafflicted. Memory: If the lord of fifth house is in conjunction or aspected by a benefic planet or the fifth house is occupied or aspected by a benefic planet or if the lord of fifth house from Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona the native is blessed with sharp memory.

Grammar: If powerful Jupiter and the lord of second house are aspected by Sun and Venus the native can be an efficient grammarian. The conjunction of powerful Jupiter with 2nd lord and Sun also proves beneficial to be good in grammar.

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Mathematics: It is important for the Jupiter to be in the centre and Mercury should be the lord of second house or Venus should be exalted or in its own house. Because of this combination the native has deep interest in mathematics. If Mars is in the second house with a benefic planet or aspected by Mercury or Mercury is in Kendra the native becomes a mathematician.

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If Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona, Venus is exalted, Mercury and Mars in house of wealth or in any Kendra aspected by Mercury the native becomes a very good mathematician. If Moon and Mercury are in Kendra or in conjunction with 3rd lord Mercury or Mercury is in 6th from Saturn and Jupiter in 2nd from Lagna the native is very expert astrologer. If 2nd lord Jupiter occupies 2nd house the native can become a full time public speaker and expresses his opinion effectively in his lectures provided it is not aspected by any malefic planet.

Unafflicted Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd house can enable the native to become extremely efficient in interpretation. If Mercury and Jupiter occupy or aspect powerful 3rd house or are in Kendra from it, the native has very sweet voice. Different Sutras planetary combinations have been mentioned in astrological texts like - Sarvaarth Chintamani, Jatak Parijaat and Jyotish Ratnakar which indicate about the erudition, knowledge, education and intelligence of a native through his horoscope.

In the horoscope of Adi Guru Shukracharya 2nd house lord Sun is exalted in 10th house, Venus the karaka planet of erudition and imagination is also occupying 10th house in conjunction with Sun. This exalted Jupiter is also aspecting 5th and 9th house. The karaka of intellect Mercury is occupying 10th house in conjunction with Sun and Venus.

Yogakaraka planet Mars is in 10th from 5th house. Shankaracharya was a world famous erudite of unparalleled genius of his time. There is mutual exchange between 2nd lord Sun and 5th lord Mars. In this way all the karaka planets and karaka house lords of education are very beautifully placed in this chart because of which he earned the title of Jagadguru by defeating all spiritual gurus in debate on scriptures. It was a world famous event of his victory popularly known as Shankardigvijay.

Education Horoscope Prediction

According to Sarvaarth Chintamani the significator of knowledge Jupiter and that of intellect Mercury prove extremely beneficial for the native to become a king or to win lots of appreciation from people, if they aspect each other or have mutual exchange or are together in an auspicious house. This is the notable horoscope of Shri B.

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Suryanarayan Rao. In this horoscope 5th lord from lagna, Moon and Sun all are together in 10th house in conjunction with Jupiter. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter with Sun in 10th house earned him lots of name and fame not only in India but also abroad. He was a renowned scholar whose contribution to astrology is unparalleled. This is the horoscope of Shri Arun Bansal who is the man behind first astrological computer software in India.

The credit of making astrology accessible to common man through computerised astrological software goes to him. In this horoscope there is a mutual exchange between Jupiter and Mercury. Second lord Mercury, natural karaka of speech and intellect is occupying the house of 5th lord Jupiter and this Jupiter which is also 9th lord from Moon is occupying the house of 2nd lord Mercury. This very auspicious Jupiter is also giving aspect to the house of name and fame from education i. Because of this exchange between the karaka of knowledge and that of intellect he is very intelligent, soft spoken, knowledgeable, serious and logical.

Not only did he make astrology easier with his software but also earned name and fame for himself. This is the horoscope of world famous industrialist Shri Dheerubhai Ambani. In this horoscope lagna and 5th lord Jupiter is in 10th house from lagna, Moon and Sun. Second lord Saturn is well aspected by lagna lord and 4th lord Jupiter. Everybody knows that Dheerubhai Ambani converted his small business into a big empire, earned lot of name and fame and became the richest business person in India with his sharp intellect.

He established new records in his area of work with his sharp intellect. This is the horoscope of a very popular IPS officer Smt.

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  7. Kiran Bedi. Her sharp intellect, communication skills and spiritual knowledge is remarkable. She started spiritual and Yoga classes for the good health of prisoners in Tihar Jail.

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    She was honored with Magasaysay award for rendering outstanding services. In addition 2nd lord and 9th lord Venus is in 10th house in the sign of Mercury. So it is very good mutual exchange between 9th lord Venus and 10th lord Mercury. Fourth lord Jupiter occupying 5th house is giving auspicious aspect to 9th house where 10th lord, lagna lord, 3rd lord, Moon sign lord and Sun are also getting benefited from this aspect.

    Jupiter is also giving aspect to lagna. Jupiter and Mercury are forming connection with lagna, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th houses. According to Jyotish Ratnakar it is very auspicious for acquiring excellence in the field of education. According to one more Sutra, if the lord of the sign where 5th lord is placed, gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet the native becomes very intelligent. In the horoscope of Sir Rabindranath Tagore lagna lord and 10th lord Jupiter is exalted in 5th house. There is mutual exchange between 2nd lord Mars and 4th lord Mercury.

    Mercury and Venus are in 2nd house with exalted Sun. There is very beautiful mutual exchange between Lagna lord Jupiter and 5th lord Moon. Therefore in this horoscope several planetary combinations are indicating exceptionally good intelligence level which earned him lot of name and fame.

    He belongs to ages. National song Jan Gan Man was written by him. He won noble prize for his creation Geetanjali. Britishers gave him the title of Sir and Tagore. Are you looking for a satisfying and fruitful Telephonic consultation about your life's pertinent issues with a competent Astrologer? Then you have just come to the right place. Education Horoscope, academic predictions,, childscholarship, higher studies, education travel report, future. Home Ask a Question Education Horoscope.

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