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Learn more about HD Media. Are you off to a fantastic start? Because the industrious Virgo vibes could not be more auspiciously inviting to your ambitious efforts. With everything leaning in the direction of production and progress, as long as your aim is in the best interest of many, you cannot go wrong. And actually, even if your aim only benefits you, it's favored. Context is king.

Those who pay more attention to their own minds than they do to environmental cues often annoy the ones who are playing by the rules of context. Then again, the renegades have something to teach. If you've seen a lot, it's easier to tell how to handle situations and what level of control is best to assert at any given time. If you haven't seen a lot, less is usually more in this regard. Social media and self-esteem hang in a tricky balance. It's easy to get seduced by the rush of approval in a digitally glamourous setting. But if it comes at the cost of being unselfconsciously involved in life, it's not worth it.

In a world where unsolvable mysteries abound, it's pretty awesome to land on a solvable one, figure it out, and then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction therein until it dissipates, as it always does, a little quicker than you want it to. LEO July Aug. Does someone owe you money?

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Do you owe someone money? This is a good day to settle up. The new start will have more momentum when the issue of old debts is settled. You get what you put into it with children. They don't have the same social references and currencies as people who have lived decades on the planet.

Weekly Horoscope March 28th, 2016 Astrology Answers

Children will lie, but they are still the most honest things we've got. At some point, incuriousness is an insult.

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To appreciate a person is to be curious about that person. Among your favorites right now are the ones with question marks in their eyes. You'll never understand a subject quite so well as you do when you teach it. Deciding to teach things you don't even know about is one of the fastest ways to learn. Art is in nuance. Nuance takes experience. Experience doesn't always fall your way; you often have to build it. In the end, you'll create something lovely and nuanced because you pushed for a bigger experience. When you put something out into the world without worrying too much about what it means or what's going to become of it, that is an act of love.

Love and release are often inextricable.

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  • The way things look is obviously very important to how they are received. Think twice before you clutter your work or your look with promotions from the world. Sometimes it's just about you. If a person doesn't seem to understand your worth, it may be shortsightedness, but it also may be that you have yet to impart the bigger vision. Let people know the whole of you as you understand yourself right now. Good habits get created this solar year.


    It's more a matter of holding onto the wheel and just the wheel -- controlling what you can and letting the rest soften and blur in the side window as you pass. It's only going to happen once this year, this rare opposition of Mercury and Uranus, and maybe that's a good thing.

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    Because when the planet of communication antagonizes the planet of rebellion and surprises, it's the stuff of road rage and general rudeness. Combat proactively, leaving the house with the intent of kindness and peace. With a backdrop provided by the recent shake up of Pluto, Mercury and Mars, and and the Capricorn moon in the foreground plotting takeovers with the Libra sun, in some circles this weekend will unfold like an HBO power drama in which the driven and dysfunctional make plays for a throne or its equivalent in corporate shares.

    Mars in Libra signals the increased need for diplomacy. Individuals who can meet the need will rise in the group and serve an important function. Those who can use work on the skill will have opportunities to learn in the weeks to come.

    Rare Opposition Calls for Kindness

    To watch and learn is painless but less effective and slower than the learning earned by doing. The direction change of Pluto coincides with the sign change of Mercury into Scorpio and then a few hours later of Mars into Libra making this a transitional day when anything can happen. Keep your eyes peeled for fast opportunities. Be daring enough to step into a role before you're really ready. It's learn-as-you-go time.

    Deciding On No-Nonsense Products In Psychic Readings

    The five-month Pluto retrograde ends. This ruler of profound, life-changing and often mysterious power has been keeping a lid on that energetic intensity, turning it inward, referencing it in theory and foreshadowing but not showing a lot of the raw emotion through action. The months to come offer a direct expression of deeper truths.

    When it's personal, we can't see it. This square of Venus and Pluto has us losing perspective of our own work, people and selfhood. The outside voices aren't necessarily right, either, but what else is there? To be receptive enough to gather a few opinions and weigh them objectively is a skill and a maturity level worth striving for.

    This cosmic square of Venus and Pluto is equivalent to that moment in the movie when the life-altering information drops, strike up the "duh-duh-duuuuuuum" music and watch the actors play their version of "stunned. The heroes in the movies are self-reliant and adaptive in the face of stress. Of course, these qualities would never emerge without the obstacles they face.

    The lunar square to Saturn and the Pluto suggests we celebrate the problems. It's the things we have to work around that allow us to hone skills and polish our finest attributes. The new moon in Libra is as good an omen for relationships as we'll get this season. And it's appropriate that it happens to be, as it goes with new moons, essentially invisible -- just like love. You can't see the force, but you can see what it's done, and you can feel changed even before you know what it is exactly that's changing you. When you know what you give, generosity comes back to you many times over in ways you can understand and predict.

    If you don't know what you give, you'll still get back plenty, though unpredictably so. Get clear about what you give so you can take advantage of tomorrow's new moon opportunity in the realm of relationships. Human eyesight isn't the best on earth. The dragonfly, for instance, sees colors in other spectrums and everything within degrees. The Mercury and Pluto position reminds us that reality is always different from our limited perception of it.